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Where your money goes

84p out of every pound we spent during 2018/19 was spent fighting poverty, excluding the costs of running our high street and online shops:

The people of Yemen need your help Rohingya Crisis Amina running from war You've been walking with millions Aid flies out to Haiti Aid flies out to Haiti Kenya: toilets lift threat of deadly disease Working with refugees in Serbia Campaigning for fair wages

When it comes to running a huge world-changing operation, we make every penny count.

emergency response
development work
campaigning for change
support and running costs
fundraising costs

On average for every £1 Oxfam spends, 84p goes on our emergency, development and campaigning work, 9p is spent on support and running costs and 7p is invested to generate future income.

Of the 84p spent on emergency, development and campaigning work, the breakdown is as follows: 43p went on humanitarian emergencies, 39p on longer-term development and 2p on campaigning and advocacy. (These figures are taken from Oxfam GB's 2018/19 Annual Report.)

We understand that when you make a charitable donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be clear and transparent when it comes to spending your contributions.

Oxfam's life-changing work would not be possible without generous people like you. We appreciate every single gift we receive and we work hard to ensure that not a penny is wasted in our fight to end poverty and injustice.

Our promise when you support Oxfam

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