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Reporting misconduct

Internal and external reporting and communication on alleged misconduct

On 10 February 2018 Oxfam GB published a ten-point action plan, and committed to make significant and necessary changes to policy, practice, and culture to help eliminate exploitation, abuse, and harassment from all parts of our confederation - protecting those we work with and ensuring justice for survivors of abuse. This standard operating procedure (SOP) forms part of that commitment, to provide clear pathways and parameters for reporting and communicating information related to misconduct appropriately and responsibly.

It is the responsibility of all representatives of Oxfam GB to raise any concerns they have or those which are reported to them. It is not their responsibility to decide whether or not misconduct has occurred. It is their responsibility to report suspicions of misconduct in a confidential and timely manner.

This SOP strengthens Oxfam GB's accountability to donors and legal bodies, and to the people we work with, community members, employees, volunteers, consultants, contractors, and partners.

Importantly, and for the first time, the entire reporting journey is described from how a suspicion / allegation of misconduct can be reported, to how that information is managed and acted upon within Oxfam GB, to how that information is shared with external stakeholders, including donors, and back to the survivor if appropriate.

This SOP clarifies Oxfam GB's commitment to the prevention of misconduct, prioritising the safety of the survivor / complainant, the integrity of the investigation and confidentiality, and compliance with all donor contractual requirements and relevant legislation including the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (and other privacy legislation).

Misconduct is defined in this policy as sexual, financial, and/or HR. Please see Table A on page 7 of the SOP for more detailed definitions.

  • Sexual: child abuse, vulnerable adult abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, other.
  • Financial: fraud, theft, bribery, nepotism, money laundering, terrorist financing, shoplifting, conflict of interest, counterfeit money, cybercrime, extortion, criminal damage, other.
  • HR: bullying, harassment, discrimination, breach of policy.